Firework Safety

At Allen’s Ironmongers in Tadcaster, we are always happy to hear that people had a great bonfire night and fireworks display. But it’s a well known fact that there are still avoidable accidents involving fireworks in North Yorkshire – Accidents which could have been easily avoided by following simple guidelines.

THE FIREWORK CODE was not created for the pleasure of spoiling your night of fun, it was written to keep people safe around bonfire night and especially around fireworks. We at Allen’s Ironmonger endorse the firework code and hope that you do too.

It’s easy to remember as the first letter of each caution relates to the word “Firework” – Have a great bonfire night and please read the firework code below…

Watching a firework display is great fun but injuries can happen if you are not careful. So here are some important safety tips to follow.

Fireworks are not toys. Never play with them, they are explosives

If you are given a sparkler, hold it at arm’s length

Remember, the end of a sparkler is very hot, do not touch it even after it has gone out

Even if a firework hasn’t gone off it could still explode. Do not go near a firework that has been lit

When you are watching fireworks stand well back from them

Only adults should light or hold fireworks

Remember, you must be over 18 to buy fireworks from shops

Keep your pets indoors, they get scared easily

Now that you have read this, don’t forget to order your fireworks early from Allen’s Ironmongers of Tadcaster, North Yorkshire – Just Click HERE

Have a safe fireworks display from all at Allen’s.

Fireworks Display

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